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AQUAZZURA: LATEST TREND SHOES The innovative design of Aquazzura shoes for this season | Versatility and elegance: Aquazzura shoes for every occasion


The innovative design of Aquazzura shoes for this season | Versatility and elegance: Aquazzura shoes for every occasion

The Innovative Design of Aquazzura Shoes for this Season


The fashion universe is characterized by a continuous evolution of trends, and the Aquazzura brand stands out for its innovative design in the field of footwear. This season's Aquazzura shoes are a hymn to creativity and elegance, offering a perfect blend of bold style and comfort.


Aquazzura: An Introduction to the Brand


The Aquazzura brand has won the hearts of fashion lovers thanks to its philosophy based on the fusion of traditional Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design. Founded by Edgardo Osorio, the fashion house is renowned for its refined footwear, characterized by sophisticated details and high-quality materials.


A symbol of contemporary sophistication, the prestigious Aquazzura footwear has acquired an iconic status since its debut in 2012. Made with meticulous craftsmanship in Italy, these creations by Edgardo Osorio not only focus on aesthetics, but pay particular attention to comfort and product fit, skillfully blending craftsmanship and innovative design, sophisticated detailing and vibrant color palettes.


The first decade of extraordinary successes and recognition on an international scale marked an epochal moment with the launch of two new product lines, projecting Aquazzura into the lifestyle sector. In 2022, the Casa collection enters the scene, composed of four lines of tableware, inspired by Edgardo Osorio's passion for interior design and the art of the table. The following year, the Bags collection emerges, which reinforces the ideal of sophisticated femininity through a selection designed to accompany us from everyday activity to the most special occasions.


Edgardo Osorio, Creative Director and Founder, shaped Aquazzura after living in different parts of the world, from Colombia to Miami to London, and after gaining experience at prestigious fashion houses. The decision to settle in Florence, in the heart of Italian art and center of excellence in the artisanal production of leather goods, gave life to his entrepreneurial dream. The magnificent Palazzo Corsini, Aquazzura's headquarters, is the fulcrum from which a journey imbued with pure creativity and love for Italian savoir-faire develops, exploiting the synergy between traditional techniques and luxury materials.


Iconic Features of Aquazzura Shoes


Aquazzura shoes stand out for their bold and innovative design. Attention to detail is evident in every creation, from the cutting of the shapes to the use of fine leathers and fine materials. The brand stands out for its ability to create unique designs, often enriched with distinctive details such as intricate laces, stiletto heels and sparkling details.


Versatility and Elegance: Aquazzura Shoes for Every Occasion


Aquazzura Shoes: A Versatile Choice for Every Outfit


Versatility is one of the characteristics that makes Aquazzura shoes so loved in the fashion scene. Whether sandals, pumps or boots, each style is designed to stylishly fit different occasions. From everyday life to the most glamorous events, Aquazzura footwear stands out for its ability to elevate any outfit.


Edgardo Osorio, a leading creative in the fashion industry, is the founder and Creative Director of Aquazzura. Originally from Colombia, he spent his growth between Miami and London, where he attended the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, thus starting to lay the foundations of his career in the world of fashion and luxury with work experience at renowned fashion houses fashion.


With ten years of professional experience behind him and an innate talent in footwear design, Osorio created Aquazzura in 2011. The brand represents the manifestation of his innovative vision regarding what should characterize a luxury shoe: craftsmanship and elegance, together with maximum comfort.


The Aquazzura collections range from high-heeled models, a symbol of femininity, to sophisticated flat versions embellished with chic and original details. These creations immediately captured international attention and quickly acquired "must-have" status, underlining Osorio's unique ability to anticipate and interpret trends in the fashion world.


Aquazzura has its headquarters in the charming Palazzo Corsini, located in the heart of Florence and surrounded by some of the most prestigious shoemakers and artisan shops in the world.


Each model designed by Edgardo Osorio comes to life in Tuscany, thanks to the skilled hands of master craftsmen who preserve ancient traditional techniques, using excellent quality materials. What makes Aquazzura creations unique is the direct relationship between the designer and the artisans: each shoe is conceived as an authentic work of art, shaped with dedication, passion and meticulous attention to detail.


In a perfect balance between innovation and tradition, numerous models have achieved iconic status, redefining the concept of luxury footwear. Among these, the "Sexy Thing 105", the "Wild Thing 105", the "Christy Flat" stand out, together with the "Powder Puff" and "Bow Tie" models. These creations embody the Aquazzura philosophy, synthesizing artisanal perfection and a modern aesthetic that has conquered the fashion landscape.


Aquazzura: An Iconic Red Carpet Presence


The brand has also gained a prestigious reputation on the red carpet, thanks to the choice of many celebrities to wear Aquazzura shoes during high-profile events. This constant presence in the most exclusive contexts has contributed to consolidating Aquazzura's fame as a luxury brand.


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