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DARK ACADEMIA STYLE: THE PERFECT OUTFITS FOR BACK TO UNIVERSITY What is meant by Dark Academia? Key elements for a dark academia look


What is meant by Dark Academia? Key elements for a dark academia look

The atmosphere of the campus, the scent of old books, the sound of footsteps on the time-worn wooden floors: welcome to the Dark Academia. This unique style has become a beloved fashion trend for many, especially those who embrace the beauty of classical culture and education. In the following article, we'll explore what Dark Academia is all about and how to create the perfect Dark Academia-style back-to-university outfits.


What is meant by Dark Academia?


The term "Dark Academia" was coined to describe an aesthetic and lifestyle that is inspired by classical culture, education and the arts. This cultural movement is characterized by a deep affinity for classical literature, philosophy, poetry and architecture. Advocates of the Dark Academia style love to delve into old books, spend hours in dusty libraries, and appreciate the elegance of knowledge.


Key Elements for a Dark Academia Look


Clothing: The heart of the Dark Academia style lies in the clothing. For an authentic look, opt for classic and timeless pieces. Pleated midi dresses, white shirts paired with tweed skirts, high-waisted trousers and blazers are essential. Colors like black, grey, brown and olive green dominate the Dark Academia wardrobe.
Accessories: Accessories play a vital role in the Dark Academia style. Berwick footwear, with its timeless elegance, is an ideal choice. Choose leather boots or classic oxfords to complete your outfit. Professor hats, ties, eyeglasses and leather handbags are other elements that can give an authentic touch to your look.
Books and Notebooks: Always carry a high-quality notebook and a fountain pen with you. Handwriting is a big part of Dark Academia culture, and this allows you to take notes in style.
Pocket Watch: A pocket watch is a refined touch that recalls the Victorian era. You can wear it as a pendant or just keep it in your pocket.
Hair and Makeup: For women, throwback-inspired hairstyles, like vintage waves or low buns, are perfect. For makeup, a simple yet elegant look with red lips and well-defined eyes is the right choice. Men can opt for a neat beard and slicked back hair.
Leather Bag: A high quality leather bag completes the ensemble. Opt for a shoulder bag or a messenger bag.
Scent: A classic, woody fragrance can add a touch of mystery to your Dark Academia style.


Perfect outfits for Back to University


Male Look Dark Academia: Let's start with an outfit for him. He wears a dark brown blazer over a white shirt and gray tweed pants. Complete the look with black leather Berwick Oxford shoes and a plaid tie. Don't forget to bring a leather bag and a high-quality notebook.
Feminine Look Dark Academia: For her, an olive green pleated midi dress paired with a black cardigan and a leather belt is perfect. Wear brown leather Berwick boots and add a professor hat for a touch of class. Carry a leather handbag and a classic book with you.
Unisex Look Dark Academia: A unisex outfit could consist of a pair of high-waisted tweed pants, a white shirt and a black blazer. Add a pocket watch and Berwick leather Oxford shoes. Complete the look with a brown leather crossbody bag.


In conclusion, Dark Academia is a style that celebrates the beauty of knowledge and learning. With the right clothing and accessories, you can create outfits that will make you feel like a character from a classic novel. Prepare to return to university with style and grace, channeling the elegance of the Dark Academia.