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BETWEEN FASHION AND DESIGN Collaboration Bernardelli & Negretti


Collaboration Bernardelli & Negretti

The collaboration between Bernardelli and Negretti was born from the continue research and meticulous  selection in the fashion and design field. The project is, not only in line with Bernardelli identity and cultural heritage, but at the same time respects the harmonic design and the accurate selection of Negretti. Bloom the binomial between the Getsuen by Edra armchair, renowned for its innovative design and a strong reference to the floral theme, and Dries Van Noten's skirt, a contemporary masterpiece with vivid colors and eye-catching geometries. A continuous search for sophisticated combinations that mixes design history and technological innovation of materials. These elements are reflected among the shelves of the Selecta bookcase by Lema, which mixes simple and dynamic design with the originality and continuous evolution of Comme Des Garçons garments. From this inspected collaboration blazes emotions, passion and devotion for an always-changing sector, where the fashion world meets design.