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THE 5 BEST TOTAL BLACK OUTFITS FOR AUTUMN 2023 The 5 best total black dresses to wear in autumn | The 5 total black looks inspired by celebrities


The 5 best total black dresses to wear in autumn | The 5 total black looks inspired by celebrities

Total black is a timeless and always fashionable choice for autumn. The intrinsic elegance of this color palette adapts perfectly to the season, offering a refined and versatile style. In this article, we will explore the 5 best total black outfits for autumn 2023, taking inspiration from the total black looks so loved by women and men.


The 5 best total black dresses to wear in autumn


Black knitted dress.
For a casual yet sophisticated all-black look, a black knit dress is an excellent choice. Knitted clothing adds comfort and warmth, perfect for fall. You can pair it with flat shoes or high boots to create a unique style.


Total black suit for men.
For men, an all-black suit is always an elegant choice. A combination of black trousers and jacket, perhaps with a black or dark gray shirt, creates a modern and charming look. Add a pair of black shoes to complete the outfit.


Total black dress with leather details.
An all-black dress with leather details offers a touch of boldness and originality to the classic black outfit. Choose a dress with leather inserts or accessories such as belts or leather handbags. This look conveys grit and contemporary style.


Total black outfit with jeans and sweater.
A pairing of black jeans and a black sweater creates a casual and comfortable total black outfit. You can add a black jacket or coat for a finishing touch. This look is ideal for the cooler days of autumn.


Elegant black dress for women.
For a formal occasion or a special evening, an elegant black dress is always a winning choice. Choose a fitted dress and add minimalist accessories for a refined and sophisticated look.


The 5 total black looks inspired by celebrities


To further inspire you, here are 5 all-black looks worn by celebrities that can guide you in creating your fall outfit:


Audrey Hepburn look. Audrey Hepburn made the "little black dress" iconic. Take inspiration from her and create an elegant and timeless outfit.


Johnny Depp style. Johnny Depp is known for his unique and grunge style. Experiment with leather jackets, black scarves and hats for a bold and rebellious all-black look.


Minimalism by Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham embodies the elegance of minimalism. Opt for clean lines, tailored suits and discreet accessories for a sophisticated all-black look.


Elegance of Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie often shows off total black outfits with a touch of sensuality and elegance. Choose form-fitting dresses and refined details to emulate her style.


Sobriety by Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling is known for his simple yet classy outfits. Wear black jeans, a shirt and an all-black jacket for an informal but fashionable look.


In the world of fashion, some brands have stood out for their love of the total black look and for creating garments that embody this aesthetic in an exceptional way. Here is an in-depth description of some of these brands, such as Rick Owens, Blumarine, Low Classic and Jil Sander.


Rick Owens
Rick Owens is an American designer based in Paris, known for his dark and futuristic aesthetic. His style is often characterized by asymmetric cuts, bold silhouettes and the predominant use of the color black. Owens creates clothes that reflect a fusion of minimalism, grunge and avant-garde, which fits perfectly with the concept of the total black look. His clothes are often made from high-quality fabrics and have a strong presence on international catwalks.


Blumarine is an Italian brand recognized for its feminine and romantic approach to fashion. Although it is known for pastel tones and florals, the brand has also embraced the all-black look in many of its collections. Blumarine creates elegant and refined dresses in black, often enriched with shiny details, lace and fine fabrics. The balance between femininity and sobriety characterizes Blumarine's total black look. Discover the Blumarine clothing selection on our website.


Low Classic
Low Classic is a South Korean brand with a reputation for elegant minimalism and attention to detail. Their interpretation of the total black look focuses on the purity of the lines and the simplicity of the shapes. Low Classic suits often feature sharp, clean cuts, with the clever use of high-quality fabrics. Black is a key color in their collections, underlining the timeless elegance and versatility of total black.


Jil Sander
Jil Sander is a German fashion brand known for its minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic. The founder, Jil Sander, is renowned for her love of neutral tones and the color black in particular. Jil Sander's all-black look focuses on sartorial precision, clean cuts and minimalist details. The skilful use of black helps to create an image of timeless elegance and modern sobriety.


Finally, remember to choose the most representative brands that reflect your personal style and guarantee the quality and elegance you are looking for. Experiment, embrace total black and create your perfect autumn look.
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