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NEW TRENDS: THE COLORS OF AUTUMN AND WINTER 2023/2024 The great classics: earth tones and foliage | Flashes of light: bright colors to brighten gray days | Daring experimentation: the art of combining unexpected shades


The great classics: earth tones and foliage | Flashes of light: bright colors to brighten gray days | Daring experimentation: the art of combining unexpected shades

New trends: the colors of autumn and winter 2023/24


With the arrival of a new season, fashion transforms, bringing with it new challenges and possibilities for exploring your own style. Autumn and Winter 2023/24 are no different, with a wide range of colors that promise to set trends this season. From nostalgia for earthy tones to bright flashes of light, to bold experimentations with unexpected combinations, here's a look at what could dominate the catwalks and wardrobes in the coming months, come and discover the Luxury Clothing proposals Online at our Boutiques Online and Offline.


The great classics: earth tones and foliage


Autumn is traditionally associated with nature-inspired hues, and this year is no exception. Earth tones such as brown, camel and beige will be protagonists in the wardrobes of men and women. These colors evoke a feeling of calm and stability, perfect for tackling cooler days.
But it's not all monotony. The nuances of foliage, such as olive green and khaki, make their way decisively. These colors recall the beauty of autumn trees and add a touch of vitality to winter looks. They are versatile colors that can be used for both casual and more formal outfits.


Flashes of light: bright colors to brighten gray days


As fall and winter bring shorter days and gray skies, fashion is responding with a burst of vibrant color. Yellow, in particular, seems to be the undisputed king of this trend. From more pastel shades to bright yellows, this color promises to spread some joy and optimism during dark days.
But it's not just yellow that shines. Fuchsia, bright orange and cobalt blue are just some of the options for those looking to add a pop of color to their winter wardrobe. These bold shades will catch the eye and are perfect for glamorous evenings or for a touch of originality in everyday looks.


Daring experimentation: the art of combining unexpected shades


One of the hottest trends this season is experimenting with unexpected color combinations. Don't be afraid to pair pink with red or purple with green. This season is all about creativity and audacity.
The catwalks of the fw23 fashion shows saw a mix of striking shades that defy convention. For example, dresses with a neutral base were lit up with details in bright and contrasting colours, creating a striking visual effect. This invites you to play with shades and create unique looks that are sure to catch the eye.


The trends for this autumn and winter 2023/24 promise to be bold and inspiring. From classic classics to bold colors and bold experiments, there's something for all tastes and styles. So, get ready to experiment and make your wardrobe shine with these new color trends.
These trends have been inspired by runway and street fashion, and offer endless possibilities for expressing your individuality through colour. Whether you prefer the comfort of earthy tones or the energy of bright colours, Autumn and Winter 2023/24 has something special for you. Get ready to go shopping and create striking looks with these new trendy shades.


In addition to the colors of autumn and winter, accessories play a crucial role in defining your style. For the 2023/24 season, the accessories follow the chromatic trends, bringing a touch of brightness to the grayest days.


Metallic Accessories: One of the most striking trends is the bold use of metallic accessories. Gold, silver and copper sparkle like the precious metals they are. Gold boots, silver handbags and copper shoes have become style icons. These accessories can transform a neutral outfit into something extraordinary. A pair of gold boots can make a black dress or gray skirt stand out, creating a sophisticated and bold look. Furthermore, metallic accessories add a touch of glamor to winter evenings.


Trendy Bijoux: To complete a look, the right bijoux are essential. This season, jewelery follows the bold attitude of fashion, combining vibrant colors and shimmering metals. Oversized earrings with multicolored stones, layered gold bracelets and silver necklaces with eye-catching charms are just a few of the options. These jewels not only add a pop of color but also create a fascinating contrast with the neutral tones of winter clothing.


The Game of Contrasts: An interesting trend is the game of contrasts between metallic accessories and brightly colored garments. For example, a bright pink dress can be teamed with a gold clutch, creating a bold and sophisticated effect. The same goes for complementary colors like blue and orange, which can be paired with jewelry and metallic accessories to create a striking look. The key is to experiment and find combinations that suit your style.


Autumn and Winter 2023/24 promise to be a season of audacity and creativity. Metallic accessories and trendy jewelry are a perfect way to embrace this energy and bring a touch of light to the darkest days. Whether you prefer gold, silver or copper, or you feel attracted by multicolored jewels, the important thing is to express your personality through accessories. This way, you'll be able to face the season with style and confidence, always ready to make a bold fashion statement.


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